Over, Again

Over, Again is a series of posters created by Hamlet Auyeung for In-between, an exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art which explores the ‘in-between” state of designers originating from Hong Kong who are now living and practising overseas.

The project was initiated by Hong Kong-based designer Choi Kim Hung, who has contributed several posters to the show. Over, Again begins as a reflection on Hamlet’s personal experience of becoming a designer and his migration from Hong Kong to the UK – in search of his own personal utopian state.

The starting point for the project was to seek out texts and interviews from an eclectic mix of historical cultural figures like Arthur Rimbaud and Lina Bo Bardi, more contemporary graphic design pioneers such as Experimental Jetset and Neville Brody and the new generation of designers including Helen Kirkum, Heavyweight Type Foundry, as well as the co-founders of OpenStructures — Christiane Högner and Thomas Lommée. These fascinating findings and conversations made Hamlet realise that the notion of utopia is only achieved through the ongoing process of taking action and never settling with the status quo.

The actions and behaviours of these creative individuals are the embodiment of utopian ideas, these both improve their practice and help influence wider society. The Over, Again series uses these actions and behaviours found in text and conversations as vehicles for a continuous typographic experiment which attempts to achieve utopia within Hamlet’s personal practice.

To emphasise and celebrate the open and liberating spirit of the project, the posters are printed on lightweight paper and installed in the gallery like flyposters. Over the course of the exhibition, new posters are created every three months and then pasted on top of the existing ones, meaning that the series is essentially disposable, but always in renewal.

As a further experiment to reflect the concept of endless exploration and taking positive actions, a series of looping animations were developed for the poster series. These can be viewed by visitors on their phones via a web-based AR app to enhance their experience of visiting the installation.

In-between runs at the Hong Kong Museum of Art until the end of March 2023.

Design by Hamlet Auyeung / studionopqrst.com, hijklm_nopqrst

Curated by Choi Kim Hung


Posters, animation and AR app

by Hamlet Auyeung

at Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong

May 2022

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