Atelier Kanal x OS

OpenStructures is considered as a design methodology for re-usable and adaptable furniture by Atelier Kanal, the consortium in charge of the architectural project for KANAL Brussels.
They also draw a large part of the interior elements of the future KANAL-Centre Pompidou, that will not only house a museum of modern and contemporary art, but also the rich collections of architecture and urbanism of the CIVA Foundation.
We are excited about the opportunity to accompany them in the use of OpenStructures and of taking part in their mission “to create a strong public building for Brussels (…) that celebrates the notion of incompleteness where there is room for change. A project that will evolve as the users appropriate the space for themselves.’

Models by Atelier Kanal

Pictures by OS_Studio


by Atelier Kanal

at Kanal


Sep 2022

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