Limits to Growth! workshop

Within the framework of the ‘Limits to Growth!’ exhibition that took place in the summer of 2018 at the Grand Hornu site in Belgium, OpenStructures commissioned three designers/duo’s to each develop an OpenStructures compatible work from their unique perspective. Instead of three objects each of them came back with a whole family of extremely playful, versatile and inspiring pieces. 

During a collective hacking workshop they then laid hand on each other’s work: disassembled and recombined the parts of one another into numerous hybrids and hacks, hereby demonstrating how ‘new’ forms can emerge from existing components but above all for the sheer fun of it.

Commissioned by Grand Hornu
With Diane Steverlynck & Maud Vande Veire, Jasmijn Muskens, Jian Da Huang
Hosting by Sabine Sehringer
Project assistance by Alexander Naumann and Yun Pei Hsiung
Photography by OS_Studio


by Sabine Sehringer

at OS_Studio


Jun 2018

designed/hosted by