KISD workshop

The lecture on OpenStructures was complemented with a one-week workshop, where 12 students from different departments puzzled and prototyped objects and appliances with both existing as well as newly developed parts. Results ranged from lo-tec home appliances to flexible tools.

Workshop moderation and photography by OS_Studio
Contributions by Katja Wellnitz, Theresa Tropschuh, Tilman Staib, Matrin Samuel Simpson,Nadim Jannes Schenk, Ruixiang Li, Shira Stein Nathan, Annette Malé Escamilla, Julianna Gräf, Anastasia Bondar and Serene Aun
Project assistance by Pia-Marie Stute

Lecture / workshop

at KISD, Cologne International School of Design


Nov 2018

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