Coat Rack

Diane Steverlynck and Maud Vande Veire’s ‘Wood Screws and Frills’ took the at times uniform or repetitive nature of known modular systems as a starting point to suggest a variety of parts with sensory value. They allow unsystematic and playful combinations, yet profit from the practical aspect of modularity. The Wood Screws and Frills come in kits of different sizes and were exhibited in 2018 at Valerie Traan gallery in Antwerp. Photography by Maud Vande Veire

DIY Coat hanger Kit – as part of a system-in-system

by Diane Steverlynck and Maud Vande Veire

Perforated multiplex panel,
CNC milled oak & beech wood

OS_non-commercial 1.0

First edition